What Power Bank Is Right For You?   Capacity   How big is the power bank and how big a power bank do I actually need. The capacity of our power banks is measured in mAh. You can’t exactly calculate how many times a specific power bank can charge your device, But the higher that capacity […]

Finding a suitable charging solution for your laptop can sometimes be a difficult task as matching  input to output of various DC power-banks  then finding out that the connections are not compatible with your laptop. An easy solution that will work with any laptop as it uses your wall charging cable and when your not […]

Portable Solar Power     We are all aware of the emerging advances in solar power systems for integration in the home and also for businesses but not a lot of people are familiar with the options available when it comes to portable power solutions for camping, hiking and general outdoor use. There are a […]

Solar panels have become more relied on and a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts in Australia over the last few years due to the ever increasing reliance on electronic devices. The light weight portability of these panels makes it easy to keep satellite phones, gps, lanterns and other portable equipment charged up while hiking by […]

    Here we have a must have emergency jumpstart kit for any car out there. Although it looks quite small it packs a large punch which is exactly what you need if your stuck in a remote area or there is just no one around with jumper leads. If you are an outdoor enthusiast […]