Power Banks for Gaming Laptops

Power Banks for Gaming Laptops

We get asked all the time for gaming laptop power bank solutions to charge your gaming laptop when you are away from a power source or on the move. There are a couple key points to address on why gaming laptops differ from normal laptops. 

The biggest is gaming laptops have upgraded power hungry parts such as graphics cards (GPU’s), Processor (CPU’s) , more memory (RAM) better cooling systems and their display will be upgraded from your normal laptop.

All these upgrade have a significant effect on the laptops battery life as it is working a lot harder than a normal running all these extra upgrades. This is why you see these gaming laptops come with much larger charging blocks. These charger can charge anywhere form 150W, 180W, 220W ect and here inlays the problem with portable charging solutions. 

Typically with most new laptops you will be able to charge them with 100W output or under, this is great because we have many options with to recharge laptops with old DC, surface pro’s and Mac MagSafe gen 1 and 2 available not to mention the many USB-C Power banks out there that will be able to recharge most other laptops. We have a 100w PD laptop power bank that is able to charge most older and newer laptops with 100w being the max output from the USB-C

Why are they not able to support charging of gaming laptops? As mentioned before most gaming laptops require 150w output minimum to run their extra hardware, and even though battery technology is getting better every year they have not been able to solve this issue with a small portable power bank yet! 

But don’t worry for you gamers who want to game on the go there are options out there for you! As I said before they have not been able to up the USB-C output enough to accommodate gaming laptops but what they have been able to integrate into power banks is an AC output. As we know this is not the best solution out there for recharging devices as there is a bit more loss of power using an AC port, but these are continually becoming more efficient with less loss. It is the best solution for Gaming laptops right now. With these AC power banks coming in a range of different sizes some large enough to run multiple household appliances at once but they are continually becoming smaller and more compact. Meaning you are getting more power (Wh) in a smaller more portable package. 

As these units have to be larger to accommodate not only the extra wattage (W) that is required to run these gaming laptops but also the extra battery capacity to keep them going for longer. This being said these power banks will not be able to  be taken on a plane as they will be too high in over all wattage. But they are ideal for road trips, camping, and anywhere you may be left without a power outlet. 

Some of the most popular units for gaming laptops are the Nitecore NES portable power stations. These are packed with features that are not limited to only gaming laptops. So don’t be fooled by its small stature because this thing packs a punch. 

Our most compact unit and most portable option is the Nitecore NES300 

With over 300W of power and 200W AC output it is going to be suitable for most gaming laptop

The best allrounder is the Nitecore NES500

Over 500W capacity and a whopping 500W AC output you will be able to charge any gaming laptop you wish. It is the best all rounder as it is compact enough for you to take almost anywhere but large enough to give you loads of run time

And the biggest unit so far to keep you gaming the longest is the Nitecore NES1200 

We may be saying this is the biggest but by no means does this mean heavy, it has the largest capacity with over 1200W and boasting a 1200W AC output but coming in just over 10kgs makes this thing a super portable solution if your looking for the longest run times