AC Power Banks

AC Power Banks and Generators are portable power solutions designed to give power to devices with 240v Australian plugs. These power banks range in size from 24000mah ideal for laptops and small digital devices all the way up 30 3000 watt units ideal for powering small base camp set ups and off grid cabins or caravans. Most small power banks have usb 5v outputs ideal for charging small phone or tablets but AC power banks are generally much larger in battery capacity and have an inverter built into the unit so the power output can be increased to produce 240v the same the the output produced from a wall socket.

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Charging Laptops : All the power banks and generators on this page will be capable of charging laptops but if you are only charging a laptop the the 24000mah or 64000mah AC power banks are more than big enough to get a few charges off grid. The larger Goal Zero generators will charge power banks + fridges and also lighting at the same time so ideal for off grid set ups.

Wattage Draw : All 240v devices will have different wattage draws so depending on the device you want to power you will need to check the wattage draw. For example if you are charging a standard laptop the wattage draw could be 45 watts to 85 watts so the 24000mah or 64000mah power banks will charge these devices. But say for example you wanted to charge an electric drill or similar tool the wattage draw could be 750 watt or more then the smaller power banks even though they have 240v wont power a 750 watt drill. In this case you would need to use a Goal Zero Yeti 1000 or bigger. The 1000 denotes the maximum draw for the combined devices is 1000 watts. You can check any of your device wattage draws usually on the back of the power pack or the device manual.