Wireless Chargers

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Wireless Charging is the latest method of charging digital devices without having to plug a usb cable from your phone or device into a power bank. If your device is for example an android samsung or other device or iphone 8 or later it will have wireless QI technology built into the phone. To recharge on a wireless device simply lay your phone on the charger and it will instantly start to charge. It is as easy as that no setting to adjust or configure.

Types Of Wireless charging devices . there are several different types of wireless charging devices depending on your application.

Wireless Car Chargers these chargers are designed to hold your phone while driving so hands free but also recharge your phone as you are driving. They simply clip into your air vent or stick to your windscreen with the mounting brackets supplied. Then you plug into your cigarette lighter to power the unit. its that simple.

Wireless Power banks these devices are great for people wanting to charge a device on the go without any cables. it is a normal power bank so you can recharge devices via usb but you also have the option to sit your phone on top of the power bank and it will start to charge the device. These are great for decluttering a bench or for people doing meetings on the go.

Wireless Desk Chargers these devices are plugged into a usb power source to get power so are ideal for work stations. when you want to charge your phone simply place the phone on the charging stand and it will start to charge. you can also still use your phone as it is charging.

Please feel free to contact us at Aus Power Banks if you need any further information or advice on matching a wireless charger to your device.



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