CHECK OUT OUR RANGE OF JUMPSTARTERS Jump starter power banks are designed to be an emergency solution for recharging your car battery in the case of an emergency when your car wont start due to the battery being drained for example when you leave your lights on all night or a devices plugged into the […]

  Check Our Full Range Of Flight Safe Power Banks Power Banks For Planes Every week we get emails and phone call relating to civil aviation rules on the carrying of power banks on planes. For a few years the information on what you could and could not carry was a little confusing to say the […]

  Every Day Carry Powerbanks Choosing a power bank to carry with you at all time involves some compromise. It would be great if we could get a power bank the size of a match box and was capable of charging your phone, ipad, laptop hell even all 3 devices at the same time. Unfortunately […]

Power Banks Or Powerbanks have quickly become one of the must have carry devices for people needing to keep devices charged. The challenge like all things is trying to find a balance between compact size and having enough storage to cover what you need to charge. For example if you get by most of the […]

Phones have come along way in a short period of time. We went from having a seperate device for a camera, GPS or hard maps, portable speaker, walkman or mp3 player and of course a phone, now days they are one in the same, With all these seperate devices coming together into one easy package […]

50000mAh Power bank   Power or lack there of is all a lot of us are concerned about these days power and Wi-Fi well I cannot help you with the later but I can help you with your eternal power/charging problems. We have just received our largest power bank to date at a whopping true […]

Portable Macbook Charger   The multi-functional and high capacity Vinsic power bank is compatible with smartphones, tablets, other small devices and especially laptops. Many power banks with lower voltage or capacity will charge smaller devices easily, however there are few equivalent portable laptop chargers when it comes to efficiency and longevity. The 30,000 mAh Vinsic […]

Phone Charging Cases   Providing a range of colors and sizes, Aus Power Banks offer lithium polymer phone charging cases for iphone X, 7, 7s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy 8, 8+, 7 and 7 Edge. Well known and praised for their efficiency and long lasting battery life, the lithium polymer […]

Advancements in solar energy technology have allowed for a more compact and portable charging device that can be used in all conditions. Perfect for outings, hiking or camping, these lightweight solar panels fold neatly and tightly, taking up minimal space in a daypack or handbag. Lovers of the outdoors can rest easy knowing their cameras; […]

Keeping your phone or tablet charged is very important to most people for every day life. Whether its the centre of your business or staying connected to the world Its not always possible to have a wall plug handy hence the inovation of powerbanks which come in all shapes and sizes for different needs and […]

With our lives revolving and relying on technology so much these days we have chosen 2 unique and versatile chargers that will extend the runtime of your laptop, Phone, Tablet, Notebook and just about anything else that has a rechargeable battery. We have chosen these deliberately to offer charging solutions to people with all sorts […]