Small Power Banks

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When talking about small power bank usually we are referring to power banks that are small in capacity and can be easily carried around with you everyday. An average of between 2600mah to 5200mah seem to be the ideal capacity for a power bank to get you through the day and in some cases beyond. Im sure with battery technology this capacity will change with being able to have higher capacity in a smaller package. What makes a good small power bank? For starters its size and shape have to be small enough to be carried in a pocked or bag easily. The capacity of the power bank cannot be too big because the will make the physical size increase, we have found that the ideal in capacity is between 2600mah to 5200mah. And finally actual output and recharge capabilities, you want to find out the charge requirements for what you are looking to recharge, wireless headphones and smaller torches may take a smaller amp draw where bigger phones will require a larger amp draw. Below is a wide range of small power banks that I’m sure you will find one for your needs. Recharging headphones and phone can be quick, easy and pocket friendly.

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