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Macbook Laptop power banks are specifically designed to charge macbook laptops and tablets.
50000mah power bank
will charge all generations of Macbooks as it comes supplied with both mag safe cables and also outputs in usb-c  for the newer smaller 13inch macbook pro and macbook air. The same goes for the 25,000mah macbook charger both offering great DC voltage versatility the only difference being is that the smaller version is under 100w/h and you will be able to take on a flight.

Apple Macbook Power Bank 45W pD,  has a multi voltage usb-c output designed to charge older and newer macbook pro and macbooks and can recharge a macbook pro 13inch 1- 1.5 times or a macbook twice. This unit is also flight safe so can be taken on a planes for air travel. Cable options available for magsafe gen 1 and gen 2.

Apple Macbook Power Bank 87W PD, If your looking for a bit more juice to charge up those bigger laptops like your 15inch and up also some high drain 13inch look no further than the 87W PD 26,800mah power bank. If is equipped with a high output USB-C charging in/out port that also has the ability to charge older magsafe laptops. The capacity of 26800mah brings it just under the 100w/h mark that the airlines like you to keep under (make sure you check with your airline before flying). Making this power bank the ideal travel companion.

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