50,000mAh MacBook Charger

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50,000mAh Power Bank that can do it all.

  • Large capacity power bank that will solve all your MacBook problems
  • Comes with everything to charge your MacBook Mag safe gen 2)
  • Also with a large range of cords and connectors (see list below)
  • Also provided is a stylish case with pocket of all the cables you need for the day
  • Complete with USB C out (up to 65W with included converter), DC out (up to 90W), and two smart USB out
  • If you are looking for one power bank that will charge your Macbook’s (Air, Pro and normal MacBook) as well as your iPhone and iPads look no further than our elegant designed 50,000mAh Power Bank



50,000mAh Power Bank (Black)

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Available on back-order


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Product Specifications

Input current 19V/2A
DC Output current 5V/8.4V/9V 3A (max)   12V/16V(compatible 16.5V)/20V (compatible 19v,19.5v)4.7A(max)
USB Output current 5V/9V/12V 3A(support fast charging)
TYPE-C Output 5V  3.5A(can charge MacBook)
Material Aluminium
Size 195*150*28mm
Colour Silver,black.
Net weight 1155g
Lifetime 1000times
Conversion rate ≥90%


Protection charge control,charge protection,discharge protection,Over current protection,short circuit protection,high temperature protection   to protect your devices from damage.
LED digital indicator indicate with voltage and the quantity of electricity
Working temperature  -10 ℃-45 ℃
Storage temperature -20 ℃-50 ℃
Self-charge time 5~6 hours
Application  suitable for MacBook,MacBook pro, notebooks, digital camera, PSP, GPS, projector, wireless router, tablet PCs, mp3, mp4, iPad, cell phones etc.

Product Description

This product can be set at six different and adjustable DC voltage levels 5V, 8.4V, 9V, 12V, 16V, 20V which are clearly displayed on an LED screen under the battery percentage.

This voltage ONLY applies to the DC-OUT and not to the USB C or normal USB

When charging for laptops, first, you press the bottom for two seconds, and then double click the power button to adjust the voltage to what your laptop needs to start charging

USB1, USB2 outports can charge 3Amp Max and support quick charge digital devices

USB TYPE-C output charges at a Max of 3Amp and can charge devices at 5V/9V/12V without having to adjust anything your device will automatically decide what voltage is best to charge the device.

Charge multiple devices at the same time, example you can have your laptop charging at 20V and then an iPhone off one of the USB outlets simultaneously.

To charge the 50000mAh battery connect the charger with the DC input port, and then the Australian plug into a 240v wall outlet, the unit will show the batter percentage and then under that is will display 19v meaning it is charging at 19v.

Battery capacity indicator Press the button for 2 seconds, the screen will light up to show the voltage and the number of remaining capacity.

Laptop connector:

6.0/1.4mm FUJITSU – 16V3.36A/16V3.75A/19V3.16A
6.0/1.4mm SONY – 16V3.75A/4A,19.5V2.15A/4.7A, 19.5V3A/4.1A,19V3.16A
5.5/2.5mm ACER – 19V3.42A/4.74A
5.5/2.5mm ASUS – 19V3.42
5.5/2.5mm IBM – 16V3.5A/3.36A,16V4.5A/4.2A
5.5/2.5mm DELL – 19V3.5A
5.5/2.5mm HP/COMPAQ – 18.5V1.1A/4.9A,19V3.16A/4.74A,HP 19V 3.95A
5.5/2.5mm FUJITSU – 19V4.22A
5.5/2.5mm TOSHIBA19V3.16A, 19V3.42A, 19V4.74A,
5.5/2.5mm NEC – 19V3.16A/2.64A
5.5/1.7mm Acer – 19V 2.15A,Aspire one(D270,D257,D250),Aspire one(531h/A110)
4.8/1.7mm HP – 18.5V 3.5A(HP 500HP530 E300)
5.0/1.0mm Samsung – 19V2.1A /4.74A(R458 R480 RV415)
7.4/0.6mm DELL – 9.5V3.34A (M2300 D430)
7.4/0.6mm HP 18.5V 3.5A
7.9/0.9mm IBM – 20V3.25A, 20V4.5A
7.9/0.9mm LENOVO LTEON 20V 3.25A, 20V 4.5A
3.0/1.1mm Samsung-19V/2.1A(NP900X1B 530U3B)
5.0/1.0mm Samsung -19V2.1A /4.74A(R458 R480 RV415)
4.5/3.0mm HP -19.5V3.33A(ENVY14 Pavilion15)  etc.

Additional information

50,000mAh Power Bank (Black)

Weight 2 kg

7 reviews for 50,000mAh MacBook Charger

  1. Gary (verified owner)

    Does the job perfectly. Charges macbook pro 15 decently fast. Also if laptop is fully charged gives me around 5hrs of life before starting to drain the laptop battery.

  2. Lakshman (verified owner)

    Bought this power bank a month ago and it is performing perfectly. I am so happy that I purchased this power bank and found that it really works fine. It helps me a lot to do my work outside when my Macbook battery runs down. The operating of the power bank is also so simple for everyone. I was searching for a power bank for the older version Macbook in so many places and finally, I came here and got this wonderful product. Also, when I purchased, I had a few questions about the product, so I got help from the customer service, they explained very well and the explanation motivates me to purchase the product. I hope this satisfies each and every older version Macbook user with this product. I really love it and I will definitely suggest this product to everyone in need.

  3. Derrin (verified owner)

    Excellent product – handy adapters and case included too. I use it mainly for my 2015 MacBook Pro and it’s helped me work on the road as the MacBook battery doesn’t hold charge as long as it used to. Highly recommended! Super quick postage and customer service responses from the APB team, well done!

  4. Louise & William (verified owner)

    I am so glad I purchased this powerbank! I purchased it to primarily charge up my older version MacBook Pro which runs out of battery very quickly. It’s perfect to give me more power after the battery runs down and it will be invaluable on boating trips when I don’t have access to mains power. I searched forever to find something suitable and this power bank solves my problem perfectly. Aus Power Banks included a MagSafe 2 connector cable, so it was ready to plug in and go. It charges devices quickly and I can use it for my MacBook Pro, iPhones and iPad. The product video explained the power bank very well and James was really helpful answering all my questions and is very knowledgeable about these products. I am very happy to recommend this power bank, especially if you have an older version Mac book pro.

  5. Danielle Hodges (verified owner)

    AAA+++ LOVE this PB! The whole family gets constant reliable use out of it! Fast to charge both the PB from mains & then devices from PB! Would GLADLY recommend to any & everyone & definitely looking to purchase another for my son in the future!
    Thanks again AusPowerBanks 🙂 Cheers!

  6. Mary Bjelobrk (verified owner)

    Great service and delivery. I really appreciate the video on the product too. Have used a few times with good results and just waiting to see how many charges I can get whilst off-grid and travelling. The video really was a great resource that convinced me this was the right product for my needs. Thanks guys!

  7. Alan (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Arrived on time and does what it’s meant to. Cables work perfectly for my Macbook and the battery lasts approximately 2 full laptop charges. I’m tempted to buy another one!

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