Solar Power Banks

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Solar Power banks are an ideal solution for people travelling or hiking where power is not always available. They can be recharged by standard usb or if you are away from a power source for more than a few days and out in the open they can be attached to backpacks or left out in the sun to recharge. These power banks are ideal for keeping phones and tablets charged off grid. We also have a unit available for small laptops which can output up to 19V.

Number Of Charges as a general rule if you have a 10000mah capacity power bank and you are recharging a standard smart phone for example an apple or samsung expect to get 2-3 full charges. 20000mah power banks will give around 5 charges.

How Quick Will Solar Recharge if you are for example charging the 10000mah solar power bank with single solar panel the unit could take most of the day to get to 60-80 percent which is fine for travellers who will get a chance every couple of days to recharge from the wall as well. If you are going off grid of 3-4 days or more the 10000mah solar panel with 4 fold out solar panels is ideal as it recharges the power bank much quicker so you wont run out of power if recharging phones or small devices. These solar panels are great to hang off a backpack or bag.

Laptop charging  Laptops require a lot of power so it is more ideal if you are going off grid to use a combination of large power bank and a fold out solar panel as the wattage on fold out solar panels are higher and can cope with the higher power draw from a laptop. If you are away from power from 1-2 days the 23000mah solar laptop power bank is ideal


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