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Power Banks For Planes Every week we get emails and phone call relating to civil aviation rules on the carrying of power banks on planes. For a few years the information on what you could and could not carry was a little confusing to say the least. Now in 2019 most airline have clear guidelines on what you can and cant carry.

What can I carry Airlines break it down in WH or watt hour rating for the power bank. If your power bank is under 100 WH you can carry it in your carry on luggage with you on the plane but it cannot be stored under the plane. As a general rule power banks around 28000mah will just fall below the 100 wh rating and anything above will have to be cleared with the airline.

Above 100 Watt Hour if your power banks is above 100wh and no greater than 160wh it can still be carried in your carry on luggage but it needs to be declared when you check in. This is so cabin crew can monitor in flight if there is an issue. Most compact power banks for laptops these days fall well under the 160wh.


Image result for vinsic 30000mahImage result for vinsic 30000mah

Above 16o Watt Hour if you are carrying a power bank containing lithium batteries or even transporting a quantity of raw lithium batteries exceeding this rating then you will need to send the items via freight service. All airlines now have specialised services for the transportation of these lithium batteries as they need to be handled with care during transportation if in raw form. If you are carrying a power bank to charge your phone and maybe a laptop a power bank between 100wh and 150wh will give you lots of runtime. You just need to ensure it is suitable for a laptop.

Dangers With Lithium Batteries at Auspowerbanks we hear a lot about how dangerous lithium batteries are and if they are so dangerous why are they used. The facts are yes they can be dangerous in raw form for example unprotected cell lithium batteries and in large quantities in the wrong hands. But for the most part lithium is used in devices like power banks, phones, tablets, laptops, dash cams, gps systems and just about every digital device we use today and are perfectly safe as the units they are integrated with control the charging and discharging of the batteries.


Checklist flowchart

Below is a handy flow chart to explain if you can fly with your power bank or not. Your power bank should say at the back or in the specifications sheet what the watt hour rating for the unit is. It is always the responsibility of the person carrying the power bank on a plane to ensure they have done their homework on airline policy relating to carrying of power banks on flights. So please use the chart below as a guideline only and check your specs. If you are unsure please feel free to call or email us and one of our staff will be more than happy to guide you or give extra information if needed.