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Choosing a power bank to carry with you at all time involves some compromise. It would be great if we could get a power bank the size of a match box and was capable of charging your phone, ipad, laptop hell even all 3 devices at the same time. Unfortunately no such device exists in 2019 and will probably never be produced unless we can harness nuclear power in our pocket and this would not be such a good idea for obvious reasons.

So the compromise is what you want to achieve and what you are prepared to do without and what you must have. If you need a device just to have on hand in those rare occasions when you run low on power with your phone there are several ultra compact power banks available.


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With outputs from 2600mah up to 3600mah. These ultra compact power banks the size of a credit card or lipstick are sufficient to put some power into a mobile phone but not fully charge a large iphone so ideal to get you out of a bind. These small power banks are great to include in emergency kits as well as they take up hardly any space and hold there charge for 10 + years before the need recharging.


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If you like to carry a power bank because you do a bit of work on your phone and you find yourself running out of power in the middle of the day then you should carry a slightly larger power bank. These power banks will be a bit heavier as they have a higher capacity but will charge your phone fully a few times. Yo will also be able to charge tablets and the size of units between 10000mah-12000mah is still very manageable if you carry a hand bag or use a backpack. A great all rounder for this purpose is the Nejifu 12000mah power bank with quick charge. This unit is also capable of keeping new USB c devices going for example the new macbook and macbook pro with USBc inputs.


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Backpack Power banks if you use a backpack for work or school and you carry a phone and laptop there are several great power banks on the market to charge both and still quite compact. The Vinsic 30000mah dc output power bank can charge most 19v laptops and will also do phones and tablets as it has 2 USB outputs as well. This is a great power bank for students. Another good backpack size power bank that will charge phones tablets and laptops is the 20000mah PD power delivery power bank which you can find in our laptop section. This power bank is ultra compact but will output 45watts so enough to charge new laptops with usbc charging.



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So as you can see as mentioned earlier it really depends on your lifestyle and needs and there is no one product that will tick all the boxes. If you have any problems choosing or needing more advice simply call us or email and one of our staff at Auspowerbanks will be more than happy to help with any information needed.