30,000mAh Outdoor Expandable Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

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This 30,000mAh PD18W waterproof outdoor solar power bank is fast charging. It has dual USB plus Type C outputs as well as a flashlight, flashing light and strobe, making it perfect for camping or hiking trips. Prior to use, it is recommended to fully charge the power bank via a power outlet, and then top up its charge via sunlight, as required. Unique to this unit, is the ability to connect extra folding solar panels to increase the unit’s capacity by either 7.2W (4 panel) or 10.8W (6 panel). Both of the additional folding solar panel options are available below, to add to your cart.

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IMPORTANT: Please fully charge the unit before going out. Solar charging is the backup charging function when you are outdoors or camping, but it should not be the major method to charge it.

Size: 176 x 93 x 2.5mm

Weight: 580g

Certification: CE ROHS

Output Interface: Double USB

Input Interface: Micro USB, Apple Interface, TYPE-C

Function: Quick Charge Support

Type: Fast Charging, High Capacity

Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery

50%-60% fully charge using 4 panel add on panel

60%-70% fully charge using 4 panel add on panel

Socket Standard: Universal

Protection: Over-discharging, Short Circuit Protection, Over-charging, Low Tension

Warranty: One year

Input/Output: 5V3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A

Accessories: 1 Micro USB Charging Cable

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Weight .45 kg

13 reviews for 30,000mAh Outdoor Expandable Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

  1. Nova Lamprell (verified owner)

    This Power Bank is Gold So far. I fully charged it 2 weeks ago, and have been seeing how long it lasts charging my phone, speakers & vape. Has not run out yet & the solar panels are yet to be tried. I loved the free gift – a usb light which is perfect for reading & ambience. Thank You Aus Power Banks. Total Quality. Cheers, N.

  2. Maree Nugent (verified owner)

    this is a sick little unit. bought it for hiking trips and I’m going to have no worries with this thing on my back. the torch is a bright bonus! the only small downside is the weight of it for when I want to go minimalist backpacking but it’s a small price I’ll pay for what it offers.

  3. Peta B (verified owner)

    I bought this power bank and separate solar panels for camping and kayaking trips. Haven’t yet had a chance to use them in the ‘wild’, but test charges on a couple of phones and tablets worked really well and didn’t drain the power bank. Also- the design is nice and rugged and the flashlight is really bright! Great customer service too – highly recommended.

  4. Jordan Turner (verified owner)

    Very sturdy and compact! Would recommend!

  5. KG (verified owner)

    Hi, so I have only just recently purchased the product and would have to say that I’m glad I purchased this particular model.
    Usually there are a lot of solar models with higher specs but that doesn’t mean it’s better for overall efficiency
    I recommend buying the separate attachment panels that allow for better efficiency
    Otherwise product works as expected and is lightweight, compact and durable , just what I recommend if you go out hiking or longer term activity
    It will fully recharge your phone in 2-2.5hrs, that’s my iPhone X model, and compatible with other equipment that requires similar adapter for charging

    Delivery came in quick as well

  6. Matthieu (verified owner)

    The shipping was quick, the customer service was very nice and helpful.
    The powerbank is very strong, the build-in solar panel is very efficient and useful, I use it for my road trip in Australia and I can charge everything with it; my Samsung S10+, my computer, my drone…
    I recommend to use additional solar panel for faster charges.

  7. Simone (verified owner)

    I got this with the 6 panel folding solar panels and am pretty happy. Takes a fair few hours to charge from the solar panels but stays charged for a good while (I only just got it a couple weeks ago and it hasn’t gone flat yet). I charged my phone from flat to full in 2 1/2 hours and used about 1/4 of the battery, which took about 2-3 hours to charge up back to full again with the solar panels. It is tough and waterproof and I cant wait to take it out camping. I searched the internet for ages to find this and I’m really glad I got this one. Definitely recommend.

  8. TL (verified owner)

    Good product: efficient both in charging up and discharging, very robust.

  9. Susanna Greenup (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, ticks all the right boxes. Recommend it to everyone.

  10. Diane Los (verified owner)

    I have only just recently purchased the solar power bank, I wanted a portable power source not only for going away but to also to use free energy to charge my devices at home. I am very happy with my purchase, it is a strong sturdy unit and charges my phone just as fast as mains power. I also bought the additional solar panel to speed up the input time, very handy when travelling and time for charging is limited. Definitely recommend this product.

  11. Ian (verified owner)

    This power bank is fantastic for long periods away from home. Used while out camping, this device provided enough power to keep mine and my partners phones topped up for 4 days. Being able to duel charge both phones is a great feature and only takes a night on charge to fully recharge the power bank from 0 to 100%. Much quicker than my old one!

  12. Sharon (verified owner)

    I was wanting to invest in a decent portable Solar power bank for use at home and on camping trips. This definitely delivered more than I’d hoped. It is robust, solid and inputs, holds and outputs charge very well. I have only had to charge it by USB once and then just top up with solar exposure, even on cloudy days it charges well. I use this everyday to charge phones, devices and as a light source. The Flashlight is excellent brightness at night to save power use at home. I also purchased the extra solar panels to go with it, which are a fantastic addition, despite not having to use them to power anything yet. Haven’t needed to; it holds charge well individually but it’s good to know the option is there should I need more power. Excellent product and I’m glad I didn’t opt for a cheaper, lower grade quality alternative. Should I have any more solar power needs (this solved a lot of them) I’ll be back. Thanks!

  13. Richard Connelly (verified owner)

    I needed something with some guts to last several days and to charge a phone, a VHF radio and some cameras (GoPro and camcorder) on sailing trips on a small dinghy with no other battery / power source. For longer trips 3-4+ I wanted something to be coupled to a solar panel to keep topped up. The reliance on power is an necessary requirement to enhance safety, especially as I have some medical gear that requires a charged phone to operate. This unit is rugged and waterproof – perfect. The lanyard attachment allows it to be kept hooked up to a solar panel during the day when sailing (when charging= sunlight) and prevented from falling over in the event of capsize of rough weather. Thanks – this power bank does the lot!!!

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