Phone Charging Case

Phone Charging Cases


Providing a range of colors and sizes, Aus Power Banks offer lithium polymer phone charging cases for iphone X, 7, 7s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy 8, 8+, 7 and 7 Edge. Well known and praised for their efficiency and long lasting battery life, the lithium polymer phone charging case also comes with a 2 year warranty. These lithium polymer batteries are able to be recharged thousands of time without compromising efficiency.


Using your existing phone cable to charge the battery case, with a charging time of 2.5 hours for the iPhone, 3hrs for the Samsung, 4-4.5hrs for the iPhone X, the battery case also has an LED Power indicator, so that you’re always aware of the amount of power remaining. The connivance of powering the case with that same cord as you would your phone means that there is no other cord you need to remember to bring. The annoying this with most electronics is they always want you to use their charging system and not one that is most commonly used, not in this case just plugin your existing cable and away you go.


Phone charging cases and battery cases charge your phone on the go up to two times and they’re cord-free, perfect for late nights out, traveling and holidaying or emergencies. With the added peace of mind that your phone will stay charged without needing a power point, socket or phone dock, you can be confident that your phone will keep up with you and your daily routine. Imagine you are out late and are chasing a ride home everyone has already gone and its just you, what if your phone has lost power due to so many photos from the night you would be stuck right. Wrong, all you need is one of these great looking cases push the button and you have power at your fingertips. Just one example on why this case can be so good not only as a lifeline but in everyday use.


Phones these days are not built as strong as they used to be with a case being essential. This kills two birds with one stone not only will it power your device so you don’t have to carry around bulky cords, or ask if the barman has a phone charger you could borrow and could charge your phone behind the bar, this case is also shockproof to 1 meter, so those little mishaps don’t turn into big mistakes. Charge your phone without it leaving your bag or your sight.