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Macbook Laptop power banks are specifically designed to charge macbook laptops and tablets.
50000mah power bank
will charge all generations of Macbooks as it comes supplied with both mag safe cables and also outputs in usb-c  for the newer macbook pro and macbook air.
30000mah macbook power bank is suitable for the older generation of macbooks that use a mag safe magnetic adaptor as this unit outputs 19V which is the correct voltage for macbooks which use the magsafe cable.
Apple Macbook Power Bank  has a multi voltage usb-c output designed to charge older and newer macbook pro and macbooks and can recharge a macbook pro 13inch 1- 1.5 times or a macbook twice. This unit is also flight safe so can be taken on a planes for air travel. Cable options available for magsafe gen 1 and gen 2.

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