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Power Banks are designed for people who need top up power for their phones, digital cameras, tablets or any device that will charge from USB power when 240v power is not available. With an ever increasing demand for extra power for our digital devices Power Banks are the ideal power solution when travelling or simply away from home.With the recent phenomenon surrounding Pokemon people are realising how easy it is to keep their phones going for longer by simply carrying a small power Bank for topping up when near low.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What can i use a power bank with?” class=”in”]A power bank is commonly used to power portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets or any device that has a USB charging input.There are many different size Power banks ranging from small 2600mah power banks which would charge the average size phone 1 times to larger 23000mah Power Banks which are capable of charging multiple devices several time over.[/toggle]
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