Trekker 7


Trekker 7

  • Ideal for short getaways where you are needing a boost throughout the day.
  • Charge anything from phones to action cameras
  • Use one power bank whilst charging the other
  • Kit comes supplied with 7watt folding solar panel and 2x Klarus CH1X (3400mah each)
  • Power banks include LED usb light

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The Trekker7 is ideal for those on a day hike or out and about in the city. The kit comes equipped with a small versatile and efficient 7watt folding solar panel that comes with two high quality Mono crystalline panels to increase efficiency and 2 CH1X power banks from Klarus which are 3400mAh each. So you can always have  one on the go charging and one ready to use.

Directions of use.
It is dead simple to use these folding solar panels they require very little set up, all you have to do to start harnessing from the sun is to unfold the panel and face it towards the sun. After that plug in your Klarus CH1X with the micro usb cord provided into the usb port on the 7watt folding solar panel, the power bank should start to charge straight away providing that you have sufficient sunlight. The 7watt folding solar panel comes with a stash pocket so you can hide away your power bank and valuables while charging so you wont have to worry about them getting damaged in the sun. You can not only charge up your power banks but you can directly plug your phone into the USB output on the solar panel and start charging direct, this might be because your power banks are both flat and you just need the boost straight away or they are both full and you have got time to charge your phone as well.

How we use it.
Being so portable, not taking up much room the Trekker 7 is great for those quick day hikes where you don’t want to miss out on that perfect photo opportunity. Even lunch breaks in the park where you might need a little extra juice to get you through the afternoon and love the idea of being off grid. Being so compact and portable you can literally take the Trekker 7 anywhere with the added bonus of the two super compact power banks you can use one while topping up the other, meaning you never have to plug your devices into the solar panel you can just continue to use them.

Trekker 7 includes
– 1x 7watt folding solar panel
-2x Klarus CH1X 3400mAh Power Banks (includes USB light)



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