Nejifu 25000mAh Powerbank


The Nejifu 25000mAh power bank has adjustable voltage to suit a wide range of devices, with LED-display battery capacity and voltage type. It is also authorised for airplane travel. It has USB-C, and dual USB outputs, aswell as DC in and out, making this power bank extremely versatile.


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Input current 19V/2A
DC Output current 5V/8.4V/9V 3A (max)   12V/16V(compatible 16.5V)/20V (compatible 19v,19.5v)4.7A(max)
USB Output current 5V/9V/12V 3A(support fast charging)
TYPE-C Output 5V/9V/12V  3A(can charge MacBook)
Material Aluminium
Size 126 x 150 x 28mm
Colour black
Net weight 695g
Lifetime ≥500times
Conversion rate ≥90%


Protection charge control,charge protection,discharge protection,Over current protection,short circuit protection,high temperature protection   to protect your devices from damage.
LED digital indicator indicate with voltage and the quantity of electricity
Working temperature  -10 ℃-45 ℃
Storage temperature -20 ℃-50 ℃
Self-charge time about 3 hours
Application  suitable for MacBook,MacBook pro,notebooks,digital camera,psp,gps,projector,wireless router,tablet PCs,mp3,mp4,ipad,cell phones etc.
Warranty 12 months
Dimensions 126 x 150 x 28 mm


Product description: 

This power bank has six adjustable voltage and can charge digital devices for 5V, 8.4V, 9V, 12V, 16V          (compatible 16.5V),20V(compatible 19V,19.5V).

When charging for laptops, first, you press the button for two seconds, then you double click on the button to adjust the voltage to suit the device.

USB1, USB2 outports can charge digital devices with 5V, 9V, 12V, and supports quick charge.

TYPE-C output charges 5V,9V,12V digital devices with TYPE-C input.(supports charge to USB-C output MacBook)

All outputs of this product like DC-OUT,USB1,USB2,TYPE-C can charge several devices like laptop, tablet, mobile phone simultaneously.

Connect the charger with the DC input port, the other side connects to the adapter. The digital screen shows 100% meaning that it is fully charged.

Charging your USB devices:

Press the button for 2 seconds to start up, connect the USB cable with output port, it will start charging your devices. The digital screen will light up and show the number of remaining capacity.

Charge for your TYPE-C devices:

Press the button for 2 seconds to start up, connect the TYPE-C cable with the TYPE-C output port, it will start charging your devices .The digital screen will light up and show the number of remaining capacity.

Charge for your notebooks/laptops:

Press the button for 2 seconds to start up, firstly, you need to confirm the device’s charge voltage value, secondly, you change voltage value of this product to be compatible to your device, finally, find your device’s adaptor, connect the DC cable with DC output port and your device, then it’s ready to charge. The digital screen shows the voltage of your device and the number of remaining capacity .

Laptop connector:

1.    F (yellow):4.8*1.7mm for HP, Compaq, Delta

2.    H (yellow):5.0*1.1mm for Samsung

3.    E (white):5.5*1.7mm for Acer

4.     E (red):5.5*2.1mm for Acer,SONY

5.    D (blue):5.5*2.1mm for Benq,Acer,Toshiba,Compaq,NEC,IBM,HP

6.    C (white):5.5*2.5mm for Datle,Fljitsu,Liteonit,Dell,IBM,HP,ASUS,Compaq

7.    B (green):6.3*3.0mm for Toshiba,Acer,NEC

8.    A (black):6.4*4.4mm for SONY,Fljitsu,Samsung

9.     I (3 pin):for DELL

10.   L (4 pin)for Toshiba

11.   I(white):7.4*5.0mm for HP,DELL

12.   O (blue):4.5*3.0mm for HP,ASUS ZenBook UX501(19.5V 6.32A)

For Folio 9470m C8K20PA(19.5V2.31A)

13. E :head of waveform audio

14.  K(yellow):7.9*5.5mm for lenove,IBM,Thinkpad

15.  L :2.0*0.5mm for Nokia

16.M (yellow)for lenovo Thinkpad Ultrabook X230S/S3/S5/X1/E431…Yoga11s/yoga13

17.I :2.5*0.7mm For the most of the tablet pcs

18.4.0*1.35mm for ASUS

19. H:3.5 Mono

20. L: 3.0*1.0mm Acer..S5,S7,W700,X313,M3

21. H(red):3.5*1.35mm for Dell,Sharp

22. G:4.0*1.7mm for Asus,Benq,Acer,Sony

23. F:4.8*1.7mm for HP,ASUS,NEC,Datle,Compaq.

24. D:5.0*2.1mm

25. H(red):5.5*1.5mm

26. C(white):5.5*2.1mm

27. C(black):5.5*2.5mm for Lenovo

28. C:5.5*2.5mm



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