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Laptop Power Bank – 30,000mAh With DC to USB C

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Laptop Power Bank 30,000mAh … With DC to USB C


• Will Charge Most Major Laptop Brands See List Of Compatible Brand Laptops Below.

Comes with a DC to USB C converter box to match your devices charging voltage needs. 

•2 High Output USB Ports Ideal For Charging iPads, iPhones New Hi-drain devices

• Is big enough to charge multiple devices at the same time

• Has DC output at 19v so you can charge a range of different types of laptops including your Macbook

• Inbuilt with smart charge for USB meaning it can deliver 5V / 2.4A if both are getting used but if only one is in use it can deliver 5V / 3A (max)

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The 30,000mAh Vinsic power bank is an multi-functional high capacity power bank. It looks simple yet elegant, and works well with smartphones, tablets, and especially laptops.The Unit has 2 high output USB port ideal for charging standard USB devices and also USB C devices. this power bank carries DC input and output, and offer a max current output up to 4.5A. It perfectly meets the charging demand of your laptop and other devices  on the go.  Comes with a DC to USB C converter box to match your devices charging voltage needs. 


DC Input: 19V/1.5A
Micro Input: 5V/1.5A
1. DC Output: 19V/3.5A; Instantaneous Max Current : 4.5A
2.USB Output1: 5V 2.4A(Max)
USB Output2: 5V 2.4A(Max)
Total USB Output: 5V/3A(Max)


1. Charging the Power Bank
You can use a DC adapter or micro USB cable to easily charge the power bank. During the charging, the LED display keeps on and shows you the charging status. (In order to charge the power bank quickly, we recommend you to use the DC adapter supplied.)

2. Charging the Mobile Devices
(1) Connect the power bank to your device by the DC or USB cable, and switch on the power bank, then it will charge your device normally. The LED display turns on to show you the remaining capacity, and then goes off in 20s. If you want to view the remaining capacity during use, please switch on the LED display manually.

(2) After your devices is fully charged, the power bank will go off automatically. If you want to interrupt the charging, please disconnect your device with the power bank.

Package Included:
1、Power bank *1
2、DC adapter *1
3、Micro USB cable *1
4、DC laptop adapter *1 set(8 different types of DC adapter,  Apple laptops adapter not included but can be added seperately)
5、User manual *1

1. This power bank is compatible with most laptops, mobile phones and tablets.
2. Due to the high capacity of the power bank, we recommend you to charge it with the supplied DC adapter. The unit also comes with a micro usb cable input so the unit can be charged on the go with a USB car adaptor to cigarette output.


What Laptops Can I Charge:

3. The equipped 8 DC adapters are compatible with the Notebooks/Notepads as:
I= HP/Dell ( 7.4*0.6 mm)
A=Sony /Fyjistu ( 6.0*1.4 mm)
C= Liteon/Fujitsu/Dell/Delta  (5525)
D= Compaq/Acer/Benq/Toshiba   (D5521)
E= Acer/Sony  (5517)
H= Samsung (5.0*10 mm)
F= HP/Delta/Compaq    (4817)
K= Lenovo ( 7.9*10 mm)

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